Mutagen can be installed in two ways: manually or via Homebrew. Work is underway to bring packaging to other platforms, so please check back regularly.


Homebrew users (on both macOS and Linux®) can install Mutagen using the following command:

# Subscribe to the stable release channel
brew install mutagen-io/mutagen/mutagen

Other platforms

On other platforms, Mutagen can be installed by downloading the appropriate release and adding its contents to your path.

Development channels

There are two development release channels that allow Homebrew users to experiment with new features before they hit the stable release channel: beta and edge. Neither of these channels is officially supported, but testing and feedback for the releases in them is essential to ensuring stable, correct, and performant final releases.

Beta channel releases are fairly stable and can be thought of as something akin to release candidates. Beta channel releases can be installed using:

# Subscribe to the beta release channel
brew install mutagen-io/mutagen/mutagen-beta

Edge channel releases should be considered unstable and shouldn’t be the default for any user. These are essentially nightly/alpha builds. Features may appear and then disappear in edge channel releases, depending on how their development progresses.

# Subscribe to the edge release channel (NOT RECOMMENDED!)
brew install mutagen-io/mutagen/mutagen-edge

The synchronization and forwarding sessions created with beta and edge channel releases may not be forward-compatible with final release versions of Mutagen (which do maintain compatibility across versions).